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Antiaircraft Officer Candidate School

The Officer Candidate School opened at Fort Bliss, Texas on October 14, 1951. The first class of candidates, Able One, graduated on May 2, 1952. In all, there was a total of 14 classes.

Before closing on July 17, 1953, the AAA Officers Candidate School program at Fort Bliss graduated approximately 1,175 candidates. Many of these men served in Korea. Others served in Europe and the CONUS during the Korean era. A few made the service their career, and many stayed in the Active Reserve after being released from active duty.

You can review the class roster for any class, and the current information available about the members of that class. Your assistance in updating this information will be greatly appreciated.

Articles and Other Documents

OCS Memories Presented by COL (Ret) Richard H. McCormick, OCS 04-52 (Bliss), AAA OCS 2003 Reunion, Fort Benning, Georgia

"My return to Fort Benning represents a homecoming of sorts for me. I attended the Infantry Officer Advanced (Career) Course at Benning in 1954-55, and I was posted here again for a short period as Veterinary Corps officer during the buildup of the 1st Airmobile Division in 1965..." (Read More Here)

OCS Memories of a Redleg Artilleryman Presented by COL (Ret) Richard H. McCormick, OCS 04-52 (Bliss), AAA OCS 2004 Reunion, Fort Bliss, Texas

"We came from all over the country by train and automobile. Some even came by air, although airline travel in 1952 was still in a developing stage. I remember the train ride to El Paso and Fort Bliss. With the clickety-clack of the wheels lulling me to sleep in an upper berth, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the dining car with its starched white tablecloths and watching the flat landscape of Texas go by while eating breakfast..." (Read More Here)

AAA School History by Robert L. Manson AAAOCS 11-53 (Bliss)

After World War II, the military services of the United States were disbanded rapidly, and by late 1946, all Army OCS training had been transferred to the Army Ground School at Fort Riley, Kansas. Only 542 candidates graduated from OCS at Fort Riley in 1950. The OCS program at Fort Riley was the only program in operation then, as a Branch Immaterial school, until the opening of Branch OC Schools after the start of the Korean War... (Read More Here)

History of the Antiaircraft Officer Candidate School by LTC George J. Bayerle, Jr

The Officer Candidate School Department, Antiaircraft and Guided Missles Branch, The Artillery School was activated on 15 October 1951. A small, initial cadre was assigned to the department to effect the activation. For a two month period prior to the activation, however, an officer in the office of Coordinator of Instruction had prepared a staff study and a plan for the operation of the Officer Candidate School which at the time was based on an Army Field Force plan for activation during January 1952...(Read More Here)

Field Order Establishing AAA OCS

This is a copy of the field order that established the AAA OCS school at Fort Bliss in October 1951... (Read More Here)

Fort Bliss News: AAA OCS - A Progress Report

The success of any school can be measured only in the effectiveness of its product. Since the product of an officer candidate school is theoretically an officer capable of effectively leading others in combat or in garrison, the yardstick for measuring success of the Fort Bliss product rests with Antiaircraft unit commanders throughout the world with whom are graduates are serving... (Read More Here)

Fort Bliss News: AAA OCS Closes

On 17 July 1953 when Class Number 14 walk across the stage of Theater Number 1 at Fort Bliss to receive their diplomas the Antiaircraft Officer Candidate School will pass into history after nineteen months of operation... (Read More Here)

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Army Museum



The OCS Foundation is searching for all surviving alumni of the fourteen AAA classes. Please contact us at history@ocsfoundation.com.

Graduating AAA OCS Class # 11 receiving the Oath of Office. 19 February 1953. Theater No. 1, Fort Bliss, Texas


Class Rosters

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Graduation Programs

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