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Tank Eating Tigers: TD OCS

The Tank Eating Tiger ad is the original GM ad that appeared in LIFE magazine Feb 21, 1944.

MAJ (Ret) Robert L. Grannis
Tank Destroyer OCS Class #54
Mar 1944, Camp Hood, Texas

Entered service December 1940 with the 102nd Anti Tank Bn (formerly 3rd Bn, 14th Inf NYNG) which was redesignated 802nd Tank Destroyer Bn on Dec 15, 1941. After graduating with the last TD OCS class, was assigned as platoon leader, E Co/197th Bn/61st Regt at the Infantry Replacement Trng Center at Camp Blanding, FL. Reassigned to I Co, 3rd Bn, 12th Infantry Regt, 4th Infantry Division at Berdorf, Luxembourg on December 12, 1944. Awarded Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf and V device. Post WWII overseas assignments in Vienna and Linz, Austria and Ryukyus Command (Okinawa) with JAG. Served with Eighth Army at Panmunjom, Korea 1953-54. After 22 years of meritorius service, he retired from active duty at Ft.Niagara, NY in October, 1962.

Graduation Roster from Class #3
Courtesy of: LTCOL Loehr Rigby (Ret)

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This exhibit is made possible by the efforts of Tom Grannis.


Please click on the thumbnails below
to view additional Tank Destroyer OCS images:

Colored postcard from Camp Hood, the home of the Tank Destroyers.
Colored postcard from the early forties depicting various activities at Camp Hood, the home of the Tank Destroyers.
The newspaper is from Christmas Eve, 1942, and was the Camp Hood official newspaper.
M-3 Tank Destroyer with the 75mm gun, and it's five man crew.
B&W picture is from a magazine of the era, showing the M-3 (Gun Motor Carriage).
Tank destroyer: M-18 Hellcat with 76mm gun.
Tank destroyer: M-10 Wolverine, also a 76mm gun.
Tank Destroyer: M-36 Jackson with 90mm gun.
Tank Destroyer: M-10
The small black discs are different branch OCS overseas cap badges: Ord, Arty, Armor & MI.
A set of OCS patch variations. Regulations originally called for the dark blue background. One is a manufacturers error and the 'S' is inverted. The gold on black was and may still be worn by the women OCS candidates. These were worn on the left lower sleeve.
Tank Destroyer Force patches: a "sweetheart" type item, sold in PXs and some were affixed to the backs of hand mirrors.
The second version authorized TD Forces patch with 4 wheels.
A woven or twill variation of the original approved design with 8 wheels.
A wool variation of the original approved design with 8 wheels.
Officers Infantry branch of service with the 803rd TD Bn. In many TD battalions the officers did not wear the TD half track branch of service collar device.
WWII honorable discharge emblem ("ruptured duck") and its lapel button.
An officers TD branch if service lapel device, depicting the M-3 halftrack.
Enlisted men's TD branch of service lapel insignia.
A qualification badge for 1st Class Gunner for TD 37mm.

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