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Herbert Towle Perrin Jr.
From the publication, "Their Stories"

Herbert T. Perrin, Jr. is today the manager of Product Planning for the Inland Steel Container Company in Chicago, Illinois. In his own words. . . "I was separated from the Army in November of 1953. Prior to this but after graduation from OCS, I served as an OCS Tactical Officer at the Infantry School and as a Battalion Adjutant in the Officer Candidate Regiment. The offer of a regular commission made me seriously consider remaining in the Army. As the son of a regular Army officer, however, and having literally been brought up in military establishments` around the world, I found that my decision to seek a civilian career had largely been made well before I was drafted at the start of the Korean, War. Upon my separation I rejoined Inland Steel Company of Chicago, Illinois as a trainee, and all of my subsequent employment has been with its industrial container division, Inland Steel Container Company.

The overall pattern of the specific jobs held in the past seventeen years has been that of moving through a variety of training, sales, and administrative assignments in Chicago and Milwaukee with the parent company and its container division to my present responsibility as Manager of Product Planning.

In 1955 I married Diana Chamberlain of Palos Park, Illinois. We have two children, Donald, Age 10 and Laura, Age 7. Our son will be entering the fifth grade this fall and our daughter the third grade, both at the Grand Avenue Public School in Western Springs, Illinois. For several years after our marriage we rented apartments in Milwaukee and Chicago before buying our first home in Western Springs in 1959. In 1964 we purchased and moved to the larger house next door at 4035 Woodland Avenue and this is our present home.

As a family we are dedicated tent trailer campers and have, for many years, enjoyed this method of vacationing and seeing our country. Camping and sailing have combined well and our search for camp sites now includes a lake or river requirement. My wife and I enjoy many sports including tennis, golf and bowling. I remain the only fishing enthusiast despite many attempts to secure company. We are also active in a wide variety of civic and social activities.

As Manager of Product Planning for the Inland Steel Container Company, I am responsible for the coordination of activities involved in developing and maintaining a profitable and demand.

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Patterson Awardees

Please note: Awardees are listed by OCS class year -- not by the date on which they received the award.


1952: Herbert Towle Perrin Jr.
1953: Robert John Geniesse
1954: Dandridge Michael Malone
1955: John Joyce Carter Herndon Jr.
1955: Robert Gordon Matheson
1957: James Jay Barber
1958: Harry Edward Warnberg
1959: William T. Bayha


1960: Howard Robert Mosley
1961: John Henry Hayes
1962: Albert George Scooler
1963: Robert Jay Baker
1964: Robert Lee Brandkamp Jr.
1965: Robert W. Kaszer
1966: Herbert Duffy Williams III
1967: Marco A. Cordon Jr.
1968: James S. Zieba
1969: Augustin R. Fabian


1970: Edmund L. Davis
1971: Charles O. Hershey
1972: Thomas L. Ferguson
1973: Gary D. Massano
1974: William G. Butler
1975: Christopher F. Burton
1976: John A. Damoth
1977: Thomas G. Foster IV
1978: James G. Thyne Jr.
1979: Richard K. Benner


1980: John S. Emmerson
1981: Billy M. Blackwell
1982: Jack B. Rogers
1983: Michael D. Hanley
1984: Arthur K. Hargrove
1985: Floyd Z. Light Jr.
1986: Brian Meade
1987: Michael J. Lipinski
1988: Dana J. Foley
1989: Douglas J. Morse


1990: Darren Lee McMahon
1991: William H. Hoy
1992: Mark A. Jackson
1993: David W. Whitmire
1994: Robert W. Kinder
1995: Jeffrey A. Saeli
1996: Patrick P. Stobbe
1997: Scott J. Malone, II
1998: Dennis W. Terry
1999: Kevin Burke

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