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A great history dissertation writing starts with choosing a great topic; after all, greatness begets greatness. The challenge is knowing what characterizes a great topic: should it interest you, or do you only need a topic your professor approves of? When you have chosen your “ideal” history dissertation topic, constructing your paper according to the standard history dissertation structure will be straightforward.

In this article, we will talk about practical tips and clues on how to choose a topic for a history dissertation. Then, we will throw in some 20 history dissertation topic ideas for inspiration.

How to choose a history dissertation topic

Before we get into our ideas for your history dissertation topic, let’s talk about how to choose one for yourself. This part is important because not all the topics in this list will inspire you. What, then? You certainly cannot give up on writing that dissertation because your academic depends on it.

Therefore, below are some quick tips to help you choose a great topic to write about. Meanwhile, considering how long a dissertation is, you don’t want a topic you will be frustrated writing about in the long run.

  • Choose a topic that fits in and potentially contributes to existing knowledge in your field of study. It does not have to be complicated; in fact, complicated topics may impress your professor but may mean failure. That is because you may not be able to do enough justice to the topic.
  • You must be interested in the topic you have chosen – non-negotiable, even. Many students settle for what they believe their supervisor will love and end up hating themselves for it. Choose a good topic you will not struggle to research and write about once you learn how to write a history dissertation.
  • Avoid generic topics and stick with specific dissertation titles instead. Therefore, ensure you narrow down your area of study; this way, you will have direction and fully explore the topic.
  • Research wide, read books, and gather knowledge on how much literature already exists where the topic is concerned.
  • Seek help from your supervisor or other professors in your field; they can provide helpful insights for a great topic.
  • Choose a few good history topics, at least five, before settling on the one you will eventually work with. This way, if one topic does not work out, you will not have to start searching for topics all over again.

20 History dissertation topics for a great paper

Now that you know how to choose a good topic, here are some inspiring ideas. History is as vast and ancient as man himself; as long as there is interest, researching will be enlightening and fun.

Easy history dissertation titles

  1. The Black Death and the Catholic Church in the 14th century
  2. London in the Roman Age: a thorough overview
  3. How did the Franciscans respond to and benefit from the 12th-century Renaissance?
  4. An overview of women’s lives in Medieval Islamic, Hindu, and India
  5. Does industrialization play a role in the fall of the Ottoman Empire?

American history dissertation topics

  1. How did Apollo 11 pave the way for future space exploration?
  2. The Civil War: monumental events and effects that came of it
  3. How was Osama Bin Laden brought down: what changes have occurred since then?
  4. An in-depth review of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  5. Public health and welfare politics in the United States between 1989 and 2010

Interesting topics in history

  1. Who was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
  2. What effects does the Industrial Revolution have on western civilizations?
  3. Chinese history records: differentiating between myths and facts
  4. Evaluating women’s importance and position in the Spanish Civil War
  5. Analyzing the importance of art when it comes to historical study and learning

Controversial topics in history

  1. An overview of gender relations and women’s roles in the ancient world
  2. How did the first Greek governments in the ancient history timeline evolve?
  3. What impact, if any, did Mongol Invasion have on the Ancient Arab?
  4. A comparative analysis of warfare techniques in ancient times and civilizations
  5. Burial rituals in Ancient Greece vs. burial rituals in Ancient Egypt


Dissertation writing is a challenging yet exciting part of a scholar’s academic career, and choosing a topic is an important part of this process. To develop a good history dissertation topic, there is a need to come up with interesting historical events.

Choosing the wrong topic can mean losing interest, and motivation to research or write. Contrarily, the right topic makes for a thrilling, exciting research process, resulting in a prolifically-written academic paper.

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