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Dear Alumni,

My name is Sean Spitler and I am the Assistant Director of History Projects for the OCS Foundation. I am writing to encourage your participation in the Veterans History Project.

There are over 19 million war veterans are living in the United States and we are losing nearly 1,700 of them every day. I know the urgency in reaching many of our older veterans, as I have recently lost my grandfather who served in the U.S. Navy both during WWII and Korea. As an official partner of the Veterans History Project, the OCS Foundation is dedicated to collecting the stories and experiences of OCS/OTS/OTC veterans while they are still among us.

It is the goal of the Library of Congress, the OCS Foundation and all participating organizations to promote learning and discussion across the generations about our nation's activities during wartime. With your help, the Library of Congress will collect and preserve audio, video and taped oral histories, along with diaries, maps, photographs, and home movies. Veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf wars, as well as support staff, war industry workers, civilians and volunteers are encouraged to share their stories.

On behalf of the OCS Foundation, I am asking all OCS/OTS/OTC alumni to participate in two ways:

1) Submit personal memoirs of your time at OCS/OTS/OTC and your subsequent experiences during one war time to the OCS Foundation. Your story will be cataloged in our history archives and then passed along to the national archives at the Library of Congress.

2) Volunteer to interview a veteran in your area in support of the Library of Congress. Your work will honor those who served our nation during dangerous and difficult periods in our country.

For more information, including detailed instructions on how to participate use the links to your right to navigate through this site.

I thank you for your service and attention. We look forward to your participation in this vital national project.

Respectfully yours,
Sean Spitler
Assistant Director, History Projects
OCS Foundation




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